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My BV progress...just more talk about my vaj. [Nov. 5th, 2008|08:37 am]
Birl Sex!


Here's what I acquired at Hannaford last night:
-unscented glycerine soap
-tea tree oil
-a giant tub of lowfat (not nonfat) whole milk plain yogurt with L. acidophilus live culture

I wore a pad over night with a big helping of yogurt hangin' out in there.
I wash with the glycerine soap mornings and nights in the shower.
I was considering using the tea tree oil too...but maybe I'll just use the yogurt nightly for now.
In retrospect, I cannot believe that I didn't realize something was wrong with me. It started after sex with a bio boy and I heard scent can change after that...but it never went away and I just accepted it. I want my sweetness back. I want the way I used to taste and smell. I'm going to get a PAP smear soon, but from a doctor who isn't specialized with vaginas and seems rather heteronormative. I just don't know where to look for one.
I am going to feel sooooo accomplished if I beat this on my own. Though I know I need to mention it to the doctor.

Oh, and to make this awkward...GO OBAMA!!!