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birl_sex's Journal

Birl Sex!
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Sex talk for anyone female-bodied and unwilling to submit to culture's gender conformity!

The Birls community is defined in exactly this way:
a community dedicated to androgynous/boyish/masculine females and those who don't let the stereotypes surrounding their sex define who they are.

Whether you're a tomboy or a butch dyke, a boi, genderqueer, or an androgyne, FTM or transgendered, or simply refuse to put a label on your identity... you're welcome here. Birl-admirers are welcome here, as well!

Above description+sex=BIRL_SEX!
We're safe, we're consensual, we're sexy (because we're safe and consentual)! Post your most embarrassing, your hottest, your most awkward, your most rewarding sexual encounters!
Ask questions! Anything you like. We're open and we're honest.
And by all means, take pictures!